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Reg Scott
Production Technician

About Reg Scott

Alex Reg Scott is a production technician working for receiving venues, touring companies, festivals and events. Reg lives in Cambridge, although work and life usually take him to London and further afield.

His work has taken him to France, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, the USA and Canada, and projects he has worked on have been seen in South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, the USA and throughout Europe.

Reg grew up in Cambridge, and was first drawn to theatre whilst studying at Hills Road Sixth Form College. His intrests span the range of technical arts, and were developed through working in a variety of roles across many productions, including taking shows to the Edinburgh Fringe and touring shows with Gomito and other companies.

He continued to work at festivals and events whilst studying Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University, and graduated in 2009 with a First Class Masters with Honors. Since graduating, his career has always had a theatrical link, even when working in engineering roles for Hall Stage or Delstar Engineering.

Reg returned to full time freelance work in 2015, and enjoys the variety his working days bring.